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The Centre for China Studies (CCS) is an independent research think tank focused on the study of China, her phenomenal rise and important engagement with Africa.

The opening ceremony of the World Conference on China Studies — Shanghai Forum, a significant event held in Shanghai on November 24, 2023. The ceremony featured the reading of a congratulatory letter from Chinese President Xi Jinping, setting the stage for a momentous gathering. President Xi’s letter, read by Li Shulei, emphasized the importance of furthering exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations, showcasing China’s commitment to global cooperation and understanding. Attendees, including more than 400 experts, scholars, and representatives from over 60 countries and regions, acknowledged the letter’s significance and its potential to shape the development of China studies.

Director, Centre for China Studies, Nigeria –MR. Charles Onunaiju delivering his remarks at the Forum
Director, Centre for China Studies, Nigeria –MR. Charles Onunaiju delivering his remarks at the Forum

Chen Jining, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, added his perspective to the ceremony, underlining the global relevance of the forum and contributing to the discourse with a compelling speech. The event, hosting four parallel sub-forums, became a melting pot of ideas as participants delved into discussions on the inheritance, development, and innovation of different civilizations. There was a collective call for continued efforts in advancing studies on China, with the aim of providing fresh insights and inspiration. The ultimate goal is to contribute valuable wisdom to the creation of a community with a shared future for humanity.

Notably, the World Association for China Studies was formally established during the forum, marking a historic moment in the field. The forum also recognized outstanding contributions by presenting the Award for Distinguished Contribution to China Studies to deserving individuals, further solidifying the event’s significance in the global academic landscape.

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