Comrade Mao Zedong is the greatest Marxist-Leninist

Comrade Mao Zedong is the greatest Marxist-Leninist

Mao-Zedong, attended the founding congress of the CPC, on July 1st, 1921 in Shanghai, China.

It gives me great pleasure and honor to welcome you all to the 95th Anniversary celebration of the Founding of the Communist Party of China. The Chinese people of all ethnic groups in parts of the world are holding various activities to celebrate this significant day.

Here in Nigeria is no exception as China and Nigeria are strategic partners, and the biggest developing countries in the world and Africa respectively, with highly complimentary economies and huge potential of pragmatic cooperation. Both Countries share great landmark history in the development of political parties in their respective frames.

Since the establishment of CPC in 1921, it has grown from a small party with fifty members into a large ruling party which has a 67-year experience of governance and eighty million party members. The development history of the CPC can be divided into three stages of revolution, construction and reform.

The Revolution stage was from 1921 to 1949. The CPC led the Chinese people into victories over the War of Resistance against Japan and resistance against imperialists. The CPC accomplished the historic mission of realizing national independence.

The Construction stage started from 1949 to 1978. After the establishment of the PRC, the CPC headed the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, in the face of imperialist ideology to confront and conquer the difficulties towards achieving an independent, comparative, integrated industrial system which laid initial foundation of materials for later reform and opening-up along with socialist construction.

From 1979 till Date is the Continuous reform stage. The CPC made economic development as the central task of the CPC, and adopted reform and opening up. The CPC established marketing economic system of socialism step by step, and successfully found a path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Under the leadership of the CPC, China’s economic and social development has made brilliant achievements, political progress, social prosperity, people’s life happiness. The gross national product of more than 10 trillion US Dollars, China has become the world’s second largest economy, basically solved the food problem of China’s 1.3 billion people, the ethnic unity at present, the CPC is leading the People of all ethnic groups in China to realize the great rejuvenation of Chinese dream and struggle.

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends!

This year marks the 45th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Nigeria, in the past, through the joint efforts between our two sides, the political mutual trust between our two countries has been enhanced, economic ties forged closer and mutual understanding between two people deepened further. Last year when president Xi met with the Nigerian President Buhari in New York and Johannesburg respectively.Nigerian President Buhari visited to China this April, the two leaders exchanged views on the bilateral cooperation in areas of political, economics and culture, people-people exchange, reached wide-ranging consensus and channel the direction of future development of China-Nigeria strategic partnership. Nigeria is African Most populous country and largest economy, China is the world’s most populous country and second largest economy; the two countries are both major countries with vital important influence in international and regional affairs, the two sides have broad common interests.

China views Nigeria as one of its most important partners of strategic cooperation. To deepen bilateral friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries serves the fundamental interests of the two countries. In 2015, despite price slump of commodities in international, China-Nigeria trade Volume reached 14.9 Billions US Dollars accounting for one fourteenth of total trade between China and Africa. China stock investment in Nigeria exceeded 13 billion US Dollars, accounting for one tenth of China’s total investment in Africa.China -Nigeria cooperation has tangibly benefited the two countries and peoples.

Nigeria has rich energy, resources and ample workforce. It is making efforts to speed up the process of industrialization and economic diversification which need timely foreign investment. China has sufficient funding and mature technologies, a large number of strength industries and surplus production capacity have a need for oversees development. This is a relative development. Moreover, China has the firm political willingness and commitment to seek development through cooperation with Nigeria. In this connection, the two countries have strong complementarities, huge potentials and broad prospects.

The Chinese side is pleased to see that since president Buhari took office, the government of your great country has been committed to economic development and improvement of people’s life. At present China is working closely with Nigeria and preferentially supporting Nigeria breaking three bottlenecks that hamper Nigeria’s industrialization and agricultural modernization including lagging infrastructure, shortage of professionals and lack of finance, so as to make early and more harvest in implementation of the outcomes of  Summit of Forum on the China-Africa Cooperation in Johannesburg and state visit by President Buhari to China.

I hope that through this celebration, you can learn more about the development of China and the CPC.

Without the CPC there will be no New China today

Without the CPC there would be no reform and opening up of China

Without the CPC there would be no better future for China and China can not make such a great Contribution to Africa as well as the world.

Finally, I believed the various Nigerian political parties, politicians and the Diplomatic Communities here present will learn a lot form the various seminar presentations that will be coming shortly.

I thank you.


Speech by the Charge de Affairs, Mr. Jian Qin of the Embassy of PRC in Nigeria at 95th Anniversary of CPC in Abuja.

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