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The ongoing World Media Summit, drawing numerous African media representatives, promises to deepen the world’s understanding of China-Africa collaboration, according to insights shared by a prominent Ghanaian media executive. Roger Agana, the managing director of News Ghana, a leading news website in Ghana, expressed enthusiasm about the summit, emphasizing its role as a vital platform for African media to engage with their global counterparts. Agana, who recently arrived in Guangzhou, China, for the fifth World Media Summit, conveyed a commitment to connect with participants from around the world.

Roger Agana, the managing director of News Ghana
Roger Agana, the managing director of News Ghana

“The world needs to grasp the authentic narratives of Africa and China and understand how their collaboration has yielded mutual benefits. China-Africa cooperation, exemplified in various facets, serves as a global model, and as African media, we have a compelling story to share,” highlighted Agana.

Characterizing China as friendly and open to collaboration, Agana underscored the significant advantages Africa gains from the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). He emphasized the BRI’s instrumental role in fostering trade and developing critical infrastructure across the African continent.

“The BRI initiative is a commendable project that greatly benefits us. By constructing roads, railways, ports, and airports, it lays the groundwork for trade facilitation, serving as the backbone for infrastructure development in Africa,” Agana stated.

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