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In an effort to boost youth employment within Uganda’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector, Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has joined forces with the Ugandan government to host the country’s second job fair. The event, launched by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in Kampala, highlights the pivotal role of ICT in propelling the nation towards progress and economic self-reliance.

Staff members register information for visitors during the information and communications technology (ICT) job fair opening ceremony in Kampala, capital of Uganda
Staff members register information for visitors during the information and communications technology (ICT) job fair opening ceremony in Kampala, capital of Uganda

Museveni praised Huawei for its investment and technology contributions, acknowledging the importance of electronics and the need for Africa to harness them effectively. He stated, “I support ICT. Electronics is a huge step for the human race, but Africa must use it in the right context to build an economy that is independent, integrated, and self-sustaining.”

Under the theme “Navigating the Digital Horizon,” this two-day job fair is expected to offer thousands of job and internship opportunities for Ugandan youth. It follows the success of the inaugural event held in August the previous year.

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Chris Baryomunsi, emphasized that Uganda’s demographic dividend lies within its youthful population, with over 70% of citizens falling into the youth category. He underscored the responsibility to empower the nation’s youth and contribute to the country’s growth by providing opportunities.

Xie Qiuxiang, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Uganda, shared that last year’s job fair created over 1,000 job opportunities, including 15 internship positions offered by Huawei that have since become full-time employment. This year, Huawei plans to provide 15 more internship opportunities and offer 500 advanced ICT technology training slots free of charge to participants in the job fair.

Xie also revealed that Huawei is actively working on establishing a 5G network in Uganda, aiming to provide the fastest network speed, lowest tariffs, and the best communication network experience in East Africa. Huawei’s commitment to Uganda extends beyond this, as they’ve partnered with 15 Ugandan universities to establish ICT academies that annually train around 50,000 individuals in advanced ICT technologies.

Moreover, Huawei is actively involved in ICT competitions where Ugandan teams compete on a global scale. They also utilize a DigiTruck to provide ICT training, particularly targeting women and youth in eastern Uganda. This initiative equips them with essential ICT skills, enabling online sales of agricultural products and facilitating job applications.

Xie concluded by expressing confidence that ICT technologies will make a significant contribution to Uganda’s economic development and the well-being of its citizens. He called for collective efforts to build an intelligent Uganda, highlighting the pivotal role of ICT in this endeavor.

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