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The “Chinese Bridge” Chinese language competition for primary school students was held in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, recently. The event, hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Botswana and organized by the Confucius Institute at the University of Botswana, featured three segments: a written test, a speech session and a talent show.

During the speech session, students introduced themselves and shared their experiences of learning Chinese. In the talent show, they showcased songs and dances, Chinese martial arts, paper-cutting and other performances.

Nine-year-old Paki Kebopetswe from the Confucius Institute Weekend Youth Class at the University of Botswana won the championship. She will have the opportunity to represent Botswana in the finals in China.

Having studied Chinese for nearly two years, Kebopetswe said that after watching Chinese TV programs, she found the language fascinating and began learning it. “I like China very much. I hope to go to college in China when I grow up. I also want to visit China to see the Great Wall and the pandas, eat hot pot, make a snowman, and make friends with Chinese children,” she said.

Bontle Kuhlmann, acting director of the Department of Basic Education from the Ministry of Education, praised the Confucius Institute for its contributions.

Botswana receives significant support from the Confucius Institute, as it is clearly building a global future for our learners. Through learning foreign languages like Chinese, students are advancing beyond Africa and reaching out to the world, she said.

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