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President Xi Jinping’s innovative ability and unique insights on key issues concerning the contemporary world and China demonstrate the broad vision of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. It can be said that this ideological system is not only of practical significance in understanding and insight into the current problems faced by the world and China, but also has valuable value in thinking about new issues that may arise in the future and their development trends. As an important part of this grand ideological system, Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts provide China in the new era with a solid ideological guarantee, a powerful inspiration for cultural construction, and favorable conditions for cultural development. This idea shows that the Chinese Communists’ understanding of the laws of socialist cultural construction with Chinese characteristics has reached a new height and has broken through the current scientific and theoretical level. This will have a major impact on the improvement and optimization of China’s cultural governance capabilities, the direction and efficiency of cultural policy formulation, and will help build a socialist cultural power and comprehensively promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The formal presentation and establishment of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts is related to the future and destiny of the Chinese Communist Party, the country’s long-term peace and stability, and national cohesion and centripetal force.

Vibrant cultural theoretical system

The rejuvenation of a nation requires both strong material strength and strong spiritual strength. In China, culture is the practice of condensing its five thousand years of excellent traditions and history into the process of national revitalization, reflecting a determined and confident trajectory of civilization renewal, which is consistent with the general trend of global cultural revitalization. Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts not only respond to the major cultural tests facing the world in today’s era, but also provide a feasible cultural system to promote exchanges, dialogue, mutual learning and consensus-building among multiple civilizations based on different positions. In October 2023, the National Work Conference on Propaganda, Ideology and Culture formally proposed and systematically elaborated on Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts, reflecting the importance of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts to contemporary China.

In the process of governing the country, President Xi Jinping practices his thinking and understanding of culture. Culture runs through every aspect of President Xi Jinping’s governance and has become the core of his thinking, words, deeds, and style. Cultural values ​​and their spiritual connotations form an important support for China’s cultural confidence, national identity and national prosperity today. The inherent characteristics of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts give culture a special status in the key mission of exploring the path of Chinese modernization and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Xi Jinping’s cultural thought is not an immutable, closed and rigid thinking framework, nor does it arrogantly declare the “end of history” or “the end of thinking” like Western cultural concepts. On the contrary, Xi Jinping’s cultural thought is a cultural theoretical system full of vitality and willpower. This system will absorb new content as China’s national conditions change in order to achieve self-renewal and progress, and open up new horizons for methods of research, investigation and construction of socialist culture. Xi Jinping’s cultural thought is an ever-expanding and open ideological system that will continue to be enriched and developed with the deepening of practice.

Enrich and develop Marxist cultural theory

Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era has made original contributions to the development of Marxism in the 21st century and has performed well in expounding the core principles of Marxism in the 21st century. Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era makes full use of the scientific connotation and value of historical materialism and dialectical materialism in Marxist philosophy to provide in-depth insights into contemporary Chinese issues. It reflects President Xi Jinping’s insistence on using Marxism to interpret China, observe the world, and lead the times. unique abilities and outstanding insights. The “Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Major Achievements and Historical Experience of the Party’s Centenary of Struggle” clearly states: “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era is contemporary Chinese Marxism and twenty-first-century Marxism.” This important exposition is a reflection of Xi Jinping’s new thinking on socialism with Chinese characteristics. An important judgment on the socialist thought with Chinese characteristics of the times and its historical status.

Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era is a shining example of combining the basic principles of Marxism with China’s specific reality. As the cultural chapter of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Xi Jinping Thought on Culture embodies the essence of the times of Chinese culture and Chinese spirit. At the same time, this ideological system with rich connotations and far-reaching implications can be regarded as a major achievement of the combination of the basic principles of Marxism and the excellent traditional Chinese culture. It is also the localized dissemination and evolution of Marxist cultural theory in China, and its gradual deepening and expansion. Theoretical crystallization.

Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts have been greatly inspired by Marxist cultural theory. Marxist cultural theory regards the people as the creators of history and believes that the people’s collective efforts define and clarify the trajectory of history. Xi Jinping Cultural Thought also regards the people as the creators of historical opportunities in the new era. On the basis of considering Marxist cultural theory as a powerful source, Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts incorporate scientific inquiry methods based on socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, as well as President Xi Jinping’s world outlook and cultural outlook. It should be said that Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts have enriched and developed Marxist cultural theory and made original contributions to Marxist cultural theory. It is the latest achievement of the sinicization of Marxism in the cultural field.

Important guidelines for cultural construction

In essence, ideology is the theoretical refinement and scientific exploration of existential facts, transforming all aspects of them into coherent and unified content and form, and finally gathering them into a consensus that is in line with policy and governance principles and the interests of the people. As the crystallization of ideology in the field of Chinese culture, Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts outline the trajectory of the development and progress of Chinese civilization over five thousand years.

The Chinese civilization is the only great civilization in the world that has lasted continuously and developed in the form of a country to this day. It integrates the golden mean into the broad vision of exploring material civilization and spiritual civilization, which makes the Chinese nation develop in the process of domestic development and international exchanges. Always maintain a balanced attitude in dealing with the relationship between individuals and the government, the country, and the world. President Xi Jinping has a profound insight into the origin of China’s excellent traditional culture and its correlation with contemporary China’s national conditions and reality. This insight has been given theoretical significance in Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts, and its intrinsic value is also applicable to understanding and enriching other forms of human culture.

It is based on this understanding that President Xi Jinping has profoundly stated the source of the Chinese nation’s confidence on many occasions: “Without the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, how would we have Chinese characteristics? If it were not for Chinese characteristics, how could we be as successful as we are today? The path of socialism with Chinese characteristics? “Only based on the magnificent history of China’s civilization of more than 5,000 years can we truly understand the historical inevitability, cultural connotation and unique advantages of the Chinese path.”

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping has considered deeply the important proposition of cultural inheritance and development from the strategic perspective of the sustainable development of the Chinese nation and the sustainable inheritance of Chinese civilization. President Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the importance of strengthening the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage, carrying forward China’s excellent traditional culture, and continuing the Chinese context and creating new glories for Chinese culture in the new era, and has prioritized promoting the construction of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics. matter. According to President Xi Jinping, “Historical and cultural heritage carries the genes and blood of the Chinese nation and belongs not only to our generation, but also to future generations.”

The Chinese Dream is the sublimation of China’s excellent traditional culture

President Xi Jinping’s views on culture form an important foundation of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts. Relevant research on Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts shows that President Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the values ​​​​in China’s excellent traditional culture. In important speeches at home and abroad, President Xi Jinping is good at drawing rich wisdom from Chinese classical culture, which makes his presentation method full of golden sentences, thought-provoking, and full of love for Chinese culture, history and tradition.

In Confucianism, the concept of “cultivating one’s moral character, regulating one’s family, governing the country, and bringing peace to the world” includes four pursuits in life, with “pacifying the world” as the highest realm. According to President Xi Jinping, “pacifying the world” does not involve conquering or dominating the world, but aims to lift ordinary people out of poverty and lead a well-off life with adequate food, clothing, and prosperity. Xi Jinping’s practice of governing the country is deeply influenced by this concept, that is, only when the country is strong and stable can it provide a happy life for everyone and every family.

To implement this concept, President Xi Jinping proposed the Chinese Dream. This dream is a great dream to realize the prosperity of the country, the rejuvenation of the nation, and the happiness of the people. It is a sublimation of the essence of China’s excellent traditional culture. On November 29, 2012, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech when visiting the “Road to Renaissance” exhibition, proposing the Chinese Dream for the first time. Since then, President Xi Jinping has mentioned the Chinese Dream on many occasions.

Bring confidence to the development of human civilization

A major contribution of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts to the world is the proposal of the global civilization initiative. This initiative is in line with the trend of the times. By promoting dialogue between civilizations and cross-cultures, it will fully ignite the light of human civilization and help achieve a harmonious, lasting, and peaceful common future for mankind. The road to human happiness is rugged, and the forward development trend of human civilization is also full of uncertainties. Overcoming these uncertainties must be supplemented by conscious, planned efforts. Xi Jinping’s Cultural Thought has made an important contribution in clarifying the necessity of this effort.

According to President Xi Jinping, every civilization continues the spiritual blood of a country and nation. It not only needs to be passed on and protected from generation to generation, but also needs to keep pace with the times and be brave in innovation. Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts therefore deeply reflect the great concern for the common values ​​of all mankind. Civilizations communicate because of diversity, learn from each other because of exchanges, and develop because of mutual learning. Every civilization is rooted in its own soil, embodies the extraordinary wisdom and spiritual pursuit of a country and a nation, and has its own value. Human beings live on the same planet where time and space intersect. The only differences are skin color and language. There is no distinction between civilization, superiority and inferiority.

For this reason, we must fully respect the diversity of human civilization and strive to achieve the harmonious coexistence of many different cultures, so as to bring the world closer to the supreme goal of “harmony among all nations” and “universal unity”. The principles of peace, trust and amity, opposition to the law of the jungle, and national hegemony are deeply rooted in the traditional Chinese philosophy of “harmony without difference” and “unity of opposites”. The saying “All things thrive together without harming each other, and all things run together without conflict” quoted in international situations is consistent with this.

The cultural outlook of equality, respect, and harmony contained in Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts provides important reference for today’s cross-cultural dialogue and comparative cultural research. The cohesion, sense of community and unity built around this cultural outlook have always been the enduring themes of China’s excellent traditional culture. This cultural outlook is different from the individualism, egoism and hostility to communal culture in Western culture. In a world full of crises and conflicts, Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts will bring confidence and hope to the development prospects of human civilization.

Since it was formally proposed and established, more and more foreign scholars have invested in researching, exploring and interpreting the values ​​and distinctive characteristics of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts. Today, China’s identity as a cultural power has been further consolidated, and China’s global cultural influence and cultural prestige have become increasingly significant. The Communist Party of China attaches great importance to the status of culture in the country, nation and all mankind, and has incorporated it into the key framework of the national governance system. China’s cultural sector is undergoing new development and revitalization and attracting global attention.

Under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts, China is moving towards a future where culture is more confident, prosperous and progressive. President Xi Jinping emphasized that we should continue to promote cultural prosperity, build a cultural power, and build the modern civilization of the Chinese nation from a new starting point, and therefore proposed to “create a new culture that belongs to our era.” This means the need to create a new culture that develops in tandem with Chinese-style modernization. In President Xi Jinping’s view, history should constantly weed out the old and bring forth the new. This can be understood from his words: “The best inheritance of history is to create new history, and the greatest tribute to human civilization is to create new forms of human civilization.” A major feature of President Xi Jinping’s governance is his unremitting and sustained efforts. This is a rare and energy-consuming undertaking in contemporary global politics. President Xi Jinping has achieved this with admirable perseverance and determination.


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