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Jiangxi province’s enchanting cultural tourism exhibition in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, proved to be a captivating showcase for both Chinese expatriates and Tanzanians, unveiling the scenic beauty and profound heritage of Jiangxi. Nestled in central China, Jiangxi boasts national scenic treasures and the sprawling Poyang Lake, a haven brimming with diverse flora and fauna. Staged at the National Museum of Tanzania, the exhibition served as a vibrant tapestry weaving together Jiangxi’s breathtaking landscapes and cultural marvels, inviting visitors into a realm of natural splendor and historical richness.

Audiences in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with a mesmerizing cultural tourism promotion exhibition.
Audiences in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with a mesmerizing cultural tourism promotion exhibition.

Noel Lwoga, the director general of the National Museum of Tanzania, highlighted the event’s role in fostering meaningful exchanges and collaboration between Jiangxi and Tanzania, nurturing a deeper understanding and admiration for Jiangxi’s allure and cultural legacy. The display was conceived with the noble aim of nurturing enduring friendships between the people of both nations, strengthening the bonds of cultural affinity.

Chen Mingjian, the Chinese ambassador to Tanzania, underscored the longstanding camaraderie shared between Jiangxi province and Tanzania, characterized by robust cooperation spanning economics, trade, tourism, and cultural endeavors. The ongoing year witnessed a remarkable surge in cultural and people-to-people exchanges, notably buoyed by increased direct flights linking Dar es Salaam and Guangzhou, facilitating enhanced cross-cultural interactions and mutual understanding. Vice Governor Chen Min, representing the Jiangxi provincial government, portrayed Jiangxi as a bastion of cultural prominence steeped in a profound heritage, often lauded for its abundant natural treasures and exceptional populace. The exhibition not only portrayed Jiangxi’s scenic splendor but also heralded the province’s unique cultural tapestry, inviting visitors to embark on a transcendent journey through its captivating landscapes and storied past, fostering a bridge of cultural connectivity between Jiangxi and Tanzania.

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