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In a dazzling showcase of cutting-edge technology, Huawei, the Chinese high-tech giant, stole the spotlight at the recently concluded 2023 Eco-connect summit in Lusaka. The event, themed “Growing with Partners,” served as a catalyst for unity among business innovators and collaborators.

Chinese high-tech company Huawei held the 2023 Eco-connect summit in Lusaka
Chinese high-tech company Huawei held the 2023 Eco-connect summit in Lusaka

Bill Zhang, Huawei’s dynamic multi-country vice president for ICT Marketing and Solution Sales Department, passionately emphasized the ongoing digital transformation imperative for ultra-efficient ecosystems aligned with customer needs. He unveiled Huawei’s latest ICT products and solutions, showcasing their substantial value for customers and underlining the profound significance of long-standing partnerships.

Zhang declared, “This summit reaffirms our commitment to mutual cooperation and sustainable ICT development,” echoing Huawei’s dedication to advancing social and economic development through technological prowess.

The Eco-connect summit, hosted in over 50 countries over the past 12 years, with Zambia as its latest addition, mirrors Huawei’s expanding global outreach. It provides invaluable insights into partner needs and emerging ICT trends on a global scale.

Jones Shimbela, a manager at the Presidential Delivery Unit overseeing high-priority government programs, commended Huawei for bringing the Eco-connect summit to Zambia. He highlighted the company’s commitment to advancing technology in the country and emphasized the government’s eagerness to establish robust partnerships for technological development.

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