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The Centre for China Studies (CCS) is an independent research think tank focused on the study of China, her phenomenal rise and important engagement with Africa.

In the bustling city of Natitingou, Benin, a newborn faced a harrowing journey battling congenital megacolon and umbilical hernia. Salvation dawned with the arrival of Ningxia’s 27th medical team, led by the tenacious Dr. Wei Yu. Their fusion of Eastern wisdom and Western expertise forged a beacon of hope amid uncertainty. Through tireless efforts, they charted a path from the brink of peril to the shores of recovery for the infant. As the days unfolded, whispers of anticipation filled the hospital corridors until, at last, the moment of triumph emerged. The miraculous revival of the newborn not only enriched lives but also etched a vibrant chapter in the saga of global healthcare collaboration, inspiring awe and gratitude in the hearts of all who bore witness to the miracle of healing.

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