Chinese medical team hailed in Madagascar

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October 12, 2016
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October 12, 2016

Chinese medical team hailed in Madagascar

A Chinese medical team doctor treats a patient in Africa. (Xinhua)

Malagasy citizens have hailed the helpful presence of the Chinese medical team in Madagascar, according to a TV documentary by Madagascar’s national television (TVM).

Patients, their family members, Malagasy doctors and government authorities testified in the documentary presented at the Chinese Embassy that the Chinese medical team mission have been very helpful for the Malagasy people.

Chinese Ambassador Yang Xiaorong said that the embassy sponsored the documentary to mark the 40 years of presence of the Chinese medical team in Madagascar.

TVM Chairman of Board of Directors Odile Raharijaona said the documentary is “a mark of good relationship between the two countries.”

Chinese medical team chief Yan Weidong said that the Chinese government is working towards improving the service of Chinese traditional medicine in Madagascar.

“The Chinese government will allocate funding to turn Mahitsy hospital into the standardized Centre in Chinese Traditional Medicine,” said Yan.

The documentary will be broadcast on Madagascar National Television, the chief of production of TVM, Zo Raharivony,

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