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The Hausa edition of Up and Out of Poverty, a compilation of President Xi Jinping’s major works on poverty alleviation, was launched recently in Abuja, the capital of  Nigeria. The book comprises 29 of Xi’s speeches and articles, as well as photos, from 1988 to 1990, when he was secretary of the Communist  Party of China Ningde Prefecture Committee in East China’s Fujian province.

The Chinese edition was first      published in July 1992 and reprinted in August 2014, and the book has now been translated into a number of languages, including English, French and Spanish. Up and Out of Poverty delves into Xi’s important thoughts on local governance, poverty      eradication and development       promotion, according to participants at the book’s launch ceremony.

They said they believe people can find in the book underlying reasons why the CPC is able to lead China toward prosperity, and why contemporary China can develop at a fast pace.

Also, in a world facing serious challenges, such as extreme poverty and food security issues, Nigeria and other developing countries urgently need to find a development path  suited to their own national         circumstances, the participants said.

In this regard, China, which has gained worldwide attention for its accomplishments in poverty        reduction and national development, provides valuable experiences to draw from, they pointed out.

China and Nigeria, which are both developing nations with a large population and energetic emerging market countries, have a lot to share with each other in the fields of governance, poverty reduction and development cooperation, the participants said.

Publication of the Hausa edition of Up and Out of Poverty will help the two countries exchange their experiences in governance and enhance mutual understanding between peoples of China and Nigeria, they said.

Over the years, China has been providing assistance to and cooperating with African countries to help with the latter’s efforts to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development through a series of projects.

During the launch ceremony, the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, expressed that the Chinese government commitment to deepening cooperation with Nigeria towards the eradication of poverty.

Cui said this in his address at the official unveiling of the Hausa edition of the book authored by Chinese President Xi Jinping titled: “Up and Out of Poverty and the China-Nigeria Seminar on Governance” in Abuja.

The event was jointly hosted by the State Council Information Office of China International Communications Group, Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, Foreign Languages Press, Fujian People’s      Publishing House and Mosuro Publishers.

Ambassador Cui further stressed that: “This book is apt and has become important because it narrates how China started its journey on the eradication of poverty since 1988.

 “Until 2012 87million Chinese people lived below the poverty level in the country; from 2012 to 2021 a lot has been achieved in terms of ending poverty in the country.

“Ten years later 832 counties were lifted out of poverty, such moves were guaranteed through compulsory education, basic medical care, safe    housing infrastructure, and economic development programs. Provision of all these in an economy is key to eliminate poverty; adequate investment in the    education of human and natural resources will help to achieve the  desired goals.”

The envoy further stressed the need for investment by both countries in programs and projects centered on job creation, ecological protection, social security, to tackle poverty.

Also speaking at the event, Amb. Adamu Lamuwa, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, congratulated President Xi for contributing to the world of knowledge against poverty. Lamuwa was represented by Amb. Rahmat Mohammed, Deputy-Director, Asia and Pacific Division in the ministry.

The permanent secretary commended the event having attracted HU Heping, Chinese Minister for Culture and Tourism, saying his visit was indicative of the importance of Nigeria-China bilateral relations.

Lawuma said, “The book which contains an innovative concept of poverty       eradication using China’s experience and journey through economic struggles, is aptly authored by President Xi.

“President Xi contributed significantly to the success story of China and has shown commitment to poverty eradication through his various economic reform policies that so far yielded positive results.

“It is, therefore, heartwarming that China has taken the thoughtful initiative to share the book contents with other  non-mandarin readers through the English and Hausa translations.

Hausa language is the most widely spoken language on West African coast.

It is spoken as first language by a large number of people in the sub-region and as second language by 25 million people. Huping said that China was ready to work with members of the international community on building a better world, and to pursue an open strategy on mutual benefits and win, win cooperation for communal coexistence and mutual  learning among different countries.

Also speaking, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Permanent Secretary, Mr. Olusade Adesola, represented by Mrs.    Celina Gaza Oluwafemi, stated that even the FCT have villagers in the outskirts of the capital city living in poverty. “For us at the Federal Capital, we have been partnering with the Chinese Embassy in so many ways. The recent one is the ongoing Abuja rail. We will love the Chinese Embassy to partner with us in the area of agricultural empowerment as well as the small kiosk business initiative.”

The Chairman, Nigeria/China relations committee, National Assembly House of Representatives, Hon Jafaru Yakubu, stated that the book Up and Out of Poverty, which contains an innovative concept of poverty  eradication using China’s experience and journey through economic struggles, is aptly authored by President XI Jinping, who has contributed significantly to the success story of China.

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Omenmayor Chigozie Nnaji

Omenmayor Chigozie Nnaji · April 1, 2024 at 9:29 pm

I am very happy to hear about this especially of the book authored by Master Xi himself. I am very capable and willing to translate same book to Igbo language for a wider reach to the people of Eastern Nigeria.

I am also of the opinion that we should not treat such a treasure book with the theory-only perspective. It’s important the Nigerian government inaugurate a think-tank committee to follow up the practical aspects of the book. We should implement the various approaches outlined by chairman Xi in the book practically. We should start, as a matter of urgency, moving away from just reading and dropping approach and embrace the practical practice of every module, especially content of Up and Out of Poverty with immediate effect, at least from the FCT. There’s no time to waste in procrastination. Thanks 🙏

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