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The Chinese government presented scholarships to deserving teachers and students at the China Assisted Model Primary School in Nyanya, Federal Capital Territory Abuja. A total of 52 tutors and learners, symbolizing the 52 years of bilateral ties between Nigeria and China, were honored with cash awards during a ceremony held at the school premises. Liang Huili, the wife of the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, highlighted in her welcome address that these scholarships signify China’s commitment to fostering educational and cultural exchange between the two nations. The ‘October 1st Award of China-Nigeria Friendship’ acknowledges 52 outstanding students and teachers, underlining the critical role education plays in a country’s progress and prosperity.

Presentation of scholarships to deserving teachers and students of China Assisted Model Primary School in Nyanya by Liang Huili, the wife of the Chinese Ambassador

Liang Huili emphasized the Chinese Embassy’s enduring dedication to educational cooperation with Nigeria, citing previous contributions such as building classrooms, maintenance work, computer donations, and the provision of essential facilities. The event also marked the presentation of new items aimed at aiding teachers and students, reinforcing the commitment to the school’s development.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the awardees and students, the Head Boy of the school, Godswill Ogwuche, thanked the Chinese Embassy for its generous gesture. He appealed for the deployment of a Chinese teacher to facilitate the learning of the Chinese language and advocated for additional support, including furniture provision for pupils and teachers and the renovation of the school for an enhanced teaching and learning environment.

Since the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Embassy in 2007, the Federal Capital Territory Universal Basic Education Board (FCT-UBEB) has consistently received extensive educational support from the Chinese government. Notable contributions include the establishment of the China-Assisted Primary School in Nyanya and a study center in Junior Secondary School, Area 11 Abuja. Official figures reveal that the Chinese Embassy has invested over N25 million in stationery, sports equipment, and scholarships for students in FCT schools, solidifying the enduring partnership in advancing education and fostering cultural ties between China and Nigeria.

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