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Egypt’s international transportation exhibition has witnessed enthusiastic participation from Chinese companies, which are eager to take part in the transport development in the Middle East, especially in Egypt. The fifth Smart Transport, Logistics, Infrastructure, and Traffic Fair and Forum for the Middle East and Africa was held in New Cairo from Nov. 5 to 8 with the sponsor of Egypt’s Ministry of Transport.

Staff members register information for visitors during the information and communications technology (ICT) job fair opening ceremony in Kampala, capital of Uganda

At the event, nearly 350 exhibitors from 20 countries displayed their technologies, solutions and products, covering the fields of railway, metro, monorail, electric transport, roads and bridges, traffic safety, maritime transport, seaports and logistics, as well as information and communications in these regards.

Meng Xiaohong, Marketing Director of China Railway Signal and Communication, told Xinhua that his company cherished the expo as an opportunity to promote products and brand awareness in Egypt and the Middle East at large. China’s Qingdao Haixi Heavy-Duty Machinery Co., Ltd also coveted the expo’s potential regarding port terminal construction.

Meng Wei, the company’s international business director, said during the past two years, the company was awarded contracts for building container cranes in the Alexandria port and the Damietta Alliance Container Terminal S.A.E. in Egypt and now looks forward to providing more services.

Amr Ismail, a board member of Egypt’s Geyushi Motors attending the event with its Chinese partner, Shandong Heavy Industry Group, said more Arab customers now believe in the quality of China’s manufacturing.

“For large buses and heavy trucks, warranty is very important, and our Chinese partner can outrival European brands in this respect,” he revealed, adding that “Chinese companies are offering good-quality products and services at reasonable prices.”

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