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In the heart of Nairobi, the Kenyatta National Hospital experiences a seamless power supply transformation. Recently, cutting-edge automation technology from Beijing Sifang Automation Company has revolutionized the hospital’s electrical system. The installation of Sifang’s Ring Main Unit (RMU) ensures uninterrupted electricity, safeguarding critical care for patients. Previously grappling with outdated equipment, the hospital now remotely detects faults, swiftly restoring power during outages. This upgrade extends beyond Kenyatta National Hospital, reaching public and private facilities in Nairobi and neighboring districts.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing ceremony between the Confucius Institute at the University of Ghana and the Accra Technical University in Accra

This innovation stems from a partnership with China’s Sifang, secured through a World Bank-funded Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) by Kenya Power. The project not only fortifies the hospital’s power infrastructure but also contributes to Kenya Power’s broader digitization goals. At Panari Hotel, another success unfolds with an RMU from Sifang maintaining flawless power distribution since 2022. Positioned atop concrete poles, load break switches and autoreclosures manage electrical currents in high-end business districts.

Sifang’s impact extends further. The company’s involvement in knowledge transfer, including establishing a laboratory for smart power distribution equipment at the Institute of Energy Studies and Research, has enhanced local technicians’ skills. This collaboration with Beijing Sifang not only reduces the workload for Kenya Power’s maintenance team but also ensures a rapid response to outages. In a nation plagued by power challenges, this technology proves pivotal in overcoming disruptions caused by an aging network, staffing issues, and environmental factors.

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