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China has reiterated its commitment to supporting Uganda as the East African nation prepares to host the 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit and the 3rd South Summit. Chinese Ambassador to Uganda, Zhang Lizhong, made this announcement while formally handing over 70 SUV cars to the Ugandan government in a ceremony held on Thursday. Zhang emphasized China’s ongoing dedication to bolstering Uganda’s role in both regional and global affairs, with a focus on strengthening unity among developing nations through these forthcoming summits.

Ugandan officials and Chinese Ambassador to Uganda Zhang Lizhong (2nd R) attend a hand-over ceremony of SUV vehicles in Kampala
Ugandan officials and Chinese Ambassador to Uganda Zhang Lizhong (2nd R) attend a hand-over ceremony of SUV vehicles in Kampala

“The handover of the 70 vehicles is the latest example of China’s unwavering support for Uganda,” noted the ambassador, highlighting the tangible contribution of the vehicle donation to Uganda’s preparations for the high-profile events scheduled for January 2024.

Expressing China’s steadfast endorsement of Uganda’s hosting of the 19th NAM Summit and the 3rd South Summit, Zhang stated, “China firmly supports Uganda in hosting the 19th NAM Summit and the 3rd South Summit. A high-level delegation will represent the country to attend the summits.” He underscored the significance of these gatherings as pivotal moments for developing countries to fortify solidarity and collectively pursue development goals, ultimately enhancing Uganda’s standing in international affairs.

Zhang further pledged sustained collaboration between China and Uganda across various domains, emphasizing China’s backing of Uganda in maintaining national stability and charting developmental trajectories tailored to its unique conditions.

The fleet of 70 SUV vehicles was received by Musa Ecweru, the state minister for works and transport, who expressed gratitude for China’s generous gesture. Vincent Bagiire, the permanent secretary at the foreign affairs ministry, conveyed the magnitude of the expected global participation in the NAM and South Summits, with delegates anticipated from 120 countries and 134 countries, respectively.

“We would like to thank China for giving us these vehicles. China and Uganda have worked on various infrastructure projects. The expansion of our airport (Entebbe International Airport) by a Chinese company will be completed this month,” remarked Bagiire, illustrating the multifaceted collaboration between the two nations, extending beyond diplomatic support to encompass critical infrastructure development.

In essence, China’s commitment to supporting Uganda extends beyond diplomatic and political realms, encompassing tangible contributions such as the vehicle donation, highlighting a robust partnership aimed at fostering mutual development and enhancing Uganda’s global influence.

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