China-built power grid shines hearts of grass roots in Egypt

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September 5, 2016
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September 29, 2016

China-built power grid shines hearts of grass roots in Egypt

Besides the Nile River, a Chinese worker was working on a power grid tower at the height of over 100 meters. Instead of the breathtaking landscape, he had to focus on those high-voltage power lines and the swaying spot he was sitting on.

Along the river, the Egypt EETC 500kV Transmission Lines Project (EETC Project), a cooperative one between China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co. Ltd (CET) and Egypt is under construction.

Echoing China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative, which is to promote strategic cooperation with overseas markets in all fields, Chinese companies nowadays are searching for more opportunities in Egypt and helping to improve people’s life there by investing in fields like energy, infrastructure, high-tech sector, etc,.

“Thanks to the upgraded relations between China and Egypt and supports from both countries, it only took us several months to communicate the details of the project and then we signed the contract,” Liu Guanghui, CET Middle East Chief Representative told Xinhua.

“As a subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China, CET owns China’s most advantageous technologies and most experienced workers in this field,” he said, adding that “this is the first time for CET to operate a project concerning people’s livelihood in this most populous country in the region and we have attached our greatest importance on it.”

Liu told Xinhua that the over-650-million-dollar EETC Project, which covers almost the whole area of the Nile River delta, is the largest transmission lines project in Egypt’s history.

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