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Fifty Rwandans were honored with certificates after completing extensive training in Shaolin martial arts and Chen-style Taiji boxing (Taijiquan). Sponsored by China’s Ministry of Commerce and jointly organized by the Rwanda Kung-Fu Wushu Federation, China’s Henan University of Technology, and the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda, this two-month program concluded in Kigali with a showcase of martial arts skills.

Rwanda Kung-Fu - Taichi boxing
Rwanda Kung-Fu – Taichi boxing

Emmanuel Havugimana, a trainee, emphasized the program’s significance, saying, “This type of training was very important because we didn’t have it in Rwanda before. We learned so much in traditional Kung-Fu.” Havugimana highlighted the importance of Taiji as a philosophy, medicine, and a way of life. China’s Taijiquan was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2020, making it even more noteworthy. Marc Uwiragiye, President of the Rwanda Kung-Fu Wushu Federation, explained that the training program included Taiji boxing and aimed to introduce Taiji to Rwanda and East Africa, benefiting athletes preparing for the World Wushu Championship in Dallas.

Zhang Yi, Vice Dean of Education and Training at Henan University of Technology, congratulated the trainees and praised the cultural exchange achieved through the program. Emmanuel Rwego Ngarambe, Director General of Sports Development at the Rwandan Ministry of Sports, lauded the program’s role in fostering cultural exchange through sports.

The Charge d’Affaires at the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda, Lin Hang, commended the training program, especially the involvement of young children in mastering martial arts. Lin viewed this program as a symbol of the growing relationship between China and Rwanda, underscoring the importance of cultural exchange and shared values.

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