About Us

The Centre for China Studies (CCS) is an independent research think tank focused on the study of China, her phenomenal rise and important engagement with Africa.

The CCS is based in Abuja, Nigeria and incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on the recommendation of the federal ministry of Justice, and attorney-General office as a non – profit public institution, limited by guarante.

Mission and Vision Statement

We have a broad vision to drive a fact – based research process, build on inclusive scholarly platform of all views and shades of opinion. Our operational modes would be continuous innovation of analytical tools to advance the study and understanding of the subject matter.

What we do and who we are - The Team

1What we do
We are engaged in a cutting-edge research activities on the processes of China –Africa engagement. We track the dynamics of Sino-Africa co-operation in all its dimensions.
2Who we are
We are public intellectual and professional academics working in various spheres
Our team is directed by Mr Charles O. Onunaiju, who have researched and written extensively on China and China-Africa co-operation in several newspaper articles and academic journals. He has spoken widely on respected international forums on China, the latest been at the 4th international conference on Tibet autonomous region in August 2014.

Our Objectives includes the following but not limited to it.